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A scene of an incident

Curated By Mishiko Sulakauri

First curatorial practice for Mishiko Sulakauri, brings together the works of Georgian artists who explore painful facts and cultural violations for Georgia. The symbols/images presented in the monochrome exhibition are the daily experience of our life, dialogue with the environment, negative news and incidents, which are in a never-ending cycle.
For artists, the sensitive pictures that take place at the accident sites in Georgia, in many cases, remain empty with time, which no one fills.

Toxic relationship*
* Our relationship with Georgia has turned into a damaging, unhealthy relationship. The government is tactically deceiving us every day and leaving us behind in the future. Such processes are facilitated by our collective inactivity.

Today is a sunny day*
Like yesterday, I woke up and nothing had changed.

Artists: Andro Dadiani, Saba Gorgodze, Tiko Imnadze, Temo Javakhi, Anna Jibladze, Quemmekh, Mishiko Sulakauri

A Scene of an incident

The Whynot Gallery

Tbilisi, Georgia

Photo Documentation by Sera Dzneladze

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