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Mikheil (Mishiko) Sulakauri (Georgia, 1996) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Tbilisi, Georgia. His research explores critical issues that transcend histories, borders, power dynamics, environmental and social trance. His work questions systems of consumption, production, and human interaction, driven and informed by auto-ethnography.He is co-founder of art collective “ცრუ” (2017) generating art in the very heart of the city, researching how Georgian typography and culture is layered through time.


The iconic Lamb Series that the artist has developed through the years became a trademark of
Tbilisian urban settings. Over the years, he has honed his artistic abilities across various
mediums, consistently producing unique artworks that bear his signature style.

He has developed site-specific installations in Kharkiv’s Nuclear Research Institute and Tbilisi’s underground Metro stations. He was nominated in the field of visual arts at Tsinandali Award for Young Artists and Scientists 2019 and participated in the Oxygen Biennials (2019,2021) in Tbilisi , Kunstraum LLC 2020 (NYC), Kunstlerhouse Faktor 2019 (Hamburg, GER),  Artisterium Contemporary Art  Festival 2020, Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2018. In 2021 was the first year he curated a Residency Programe for Museum Of Human Achievement ( Austin, Texas ).

Artist Statement

When I woke up, I was on the bus.

Traveling from station to station, even not figuring out next destination.

Sitting by the window I was catching every visual sign, which was transforming into concepts and meanings, making the road itself a symbolic landmark. Scratches on the chair is telling me stories about the memory and the reflection of the neon signs on the window becoming  material through my hands.

Every created image speaks a different language, although I didn’t know, that images could talk. They interact with both, the recipient and the interior cracks on the wall passing by the ceiling. Creating infinite meanings in the spaces they can not be completely captured. Imprinted forever in memory, they remain a constant mystery. Only tourists can understand!

The driver is offering a game of words full of tricks, instead of telling me where we are going. But first I need to end my game before beginning the new one - counting every passenger, again and again.

I don’t have to fall asleep again.


+995 511 105 885

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